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Arrest of foreign Nationals attempting to get Ugandan Passports


  • We arrested three foreign Nationals and one Ugandan accomplice last week attempting to fraudulently acquire Ugandan passports in our passport center in Kampala last week.
  • The First arrested foreign National is Ishime Gadiel alias Aime, a 29-year-old Burundian Male National and music artiste. He first came to Uganda in August 2015 using a Burundian Passport before later getting a National ID after falsely declaring himself as a Munyankole from Kiruhura District. He later on using the same fraudulent means got a Ugandan Passport. He was arrested from Busia Border Post trying to exit to Germany. He is currently detained at the Immigration Detention Center at the Headquarters
  • The Second, one Saunders David Joshua alias Damba Joshua David, a 27-year-old Nigerian male who claims to be a businessman dealing in computers. He has been frequently travelling to Uganda and last came to Uganda on 05/02/2023 via Katuna Border Post. He also registered and got a National ID as Damba Joshua David which he then used to apply for a Ugandan passport. Our keen officers on interview immediately suspected that he was not a Ugandan but to give him a benefit of doubt asked him to come with a relative to authenticate his rather incoherent story. He presented a one SSERUWAGI GIBSON as his paternal relative. His Nigerian passport was recovered. The two, Saunders David Joshua and his accomplice SSeruwagi Gibson are in Police custody.
  • The third is a one Kaliisa Sam, a 29-year-old Rwandan male, unemployed and a resident of Kitemu in Wakiso District. He came to Uganda in 2022 through an ungazzeted border point. He later connected with a one Shafiq who helped him get a National ID. He impersonated Shafiq and used his information including his parents for his National ID as well as while applying for the passport.
  • Kaliisa however escaped from police custody and on top of the charges already levied against him, will be charged with escaping from lawful custody. Efforts to have him re-arrested are underway
  • Ugandan Passports are for Ugandans. There are other ways in which a foreigner can acquire Ugandan citizenship including through Registration and Naturalization after fulfilling the requirements. Our system is continuously improving and we shall get you, arrest you and prosecute you to the full extent of the law when you try to acquire our passport illegally. Please desist and get other residence facilities relevant to you such as work permits and student passes. 
  • We equally urge Ugandan Nationals to avoid being used by foreign Nationals to sell their country. It is wrong and you will be charged as an accomplice all because of the peanuts you are paid. Please desist as well.