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DCIC Headquarters

Kampala ImmigrationHeadquarters (and Passport Control Office) American:  Plot 75, Jinja Road next to British  Tobacco plant (BAT)

A. Department of Inspection and Legal Services
i) Timely and Appropriate Legal services provided.

  • Provide legal and advisory services within ten (10) working days
  • We shall provide a charge sheet for prosecution within 48 hours from the time of the arrest.


ii) Inspection and investigation of immigration matters

  • We shall carry out inspections on a quarterly basis
  • Issue service of quit notice and deportation orders within seven working days.
  • We shall remove and deport illegal immigrants and other undesirable persons


B. Department of Citizenship and Passport Control
i) Issuing Uganda passports and other travel documents

  • Avail application forms at the headquarters, regional offices and at the immigration website at all times free of charge.
  • Provide a bank payment form upon receipt of filled application forms
  • Receive and verify dully filled and completed application forms upon submission by the applicant at the regional and headquarter offices.
  • Issue a passport within 10 working days
  • Provide information on queried files to applicants within 3 working days of receipt of application
  • Renew passports within 10 working days
  • Maintain an up to date electronic and manual data base of all passport application files
  • Issue other travel documents instantly upon submission of the required application

ii) Granting citizenship and duo citizenship

iii) Issuing national identity cards to citizens of Uganda

C. Department of Immigration Control
i) Permits and passes issued

  • Issue Work permit within 10 working days
  • Issue special passes within 3 working days
  • Issue students pass within 3 working days
  • Issue dependent passes – wife – 3 or 5 days


ii) Border control

  • Receive a dully filled departure/ arrival declaration form
  • Verify and examine the travel document and the forms
  • Where applicable we shall subject the travel documents to an electronic system
  • Visa prone travelers will be subjected to visa application process
  • Issue passes to travelers who satisfy requirements
  • Deny passes to travelers who do not satisfy requirements
  • Clearance at boarders will be given within 5 minutes for clear cases